Refunding Transactions - Web


You can refund any transaction that has been completed through PayHQ. There are no set time frames on refunds as every business has their own policy. Any refund completed the same business day is considered void (link) and no transaction fees are charged. 

To refund a transaction:

  1. From the navigation panel, go to “My Transactions”.
  2. Look for the transaction you'd like to refund. You can search by payment type and information or use the filters above.
  3. Click the transaction to expand the details.

  1. Click “Issue Refund”. This will bring you to “Web Terminal” with the pre-populated card information and amount in the fields. If you need to issue a partial refund, you can change the amount.

  1. Review the refund details and click “Refund”.

  1. You will receive a confirmation that the refund has been approved or declined, and a refund receipt will be emailed to the email address included in the transaction.


You can review the refund at any time in "My Transactions". 

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