Viewing and Exporting Transaction History

A thriving business makes numerous sales a day. After a few months or weeks, finding a particular transaction can be just about impossible.

Searching My Transactions, you can immediately find specific sales to review, refund and reprint receipts from. 

Finding a previous transaction:

  1. Choose 'My Transactions' from the navigation panel

  1. Using the filter options above, select the subset of transactions you wish to view.

  1. Filter transactions further by starting to type in the top search bar. Transactions will be filtered as you enter the search term.

  1. Click on a transaction listing to view more details.
  2. If needed, select Export > Sales Summary to retrieve a csv file of the selected transactions. If you use Tablet POS you also have the option for Item Summary which exports your product sales. 

My Transactions can be searched using a variety of information including:

  • Customer name and email
  • Amount
  • Sale description
  • Date & Time of Transaction
  • Address
  • Company
  • Transaction source
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