Subscription And Plan Status

Within Customer Vault, any customer with a plan subscription will display a plan status. These statuses display the current state of a customer's subscription.

A customer's status can be:

Plan Settled - Plan has completed and all payments were billed. ie: 12 month plan finished after 12 monthly transactions.

Cancelled - Plan has been cancelled by merchant

Paused - Temporary hold on the amount of billing cycles left, as well as the amount of remaining retries - Only available for Active plans.

Active - Currently active and running - payments will continue to be charged on their billing date.

Retry - Payment was declined. When a payment is unsuccessful it will kick over to retry and will try 3 subsequent times until the plan moves to suspended.

Suspended - Following 3 days if payment could not be complete - plan becomes suspended. Once a successful charge has been made on the account it will move back to the active state

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