Processing Sales Transactions


When you go to “Web Terminal” from the navigational panel, it will automatically go to Sale, but if you are under Refund or Authorize, you can return to "Sale" by clicking the tab at the top.

To process a sale:

  1. If you have both USD and CAD merchant accounts enabled on PayHQ, choose the currency you want the transaction to be processed in by toggling the slider. 

  1. Enter the transaction amount.
  2. Enter the credit card info into the fields. PayHQ will automatically detect the card type.
  3. Enter the security code or CVV code. The security code is the three-digit code typically found on the back of the card. American Express cards use a four-digit code located on the front of the card.
  4. Enter your customer's email address to send them an electronic receipt

  1. Click “Order Details” to enter information about your customer to store in your Customer Vault. You can also start over and clear the information by selecting “Clear Sale” at the bottom.

  2. Click "Charge” and the system will return a notification of a successful or declined transaction.

The transaction is now recorded in PayHQ, and the bank is processing the funds for deposits. You should see your funds within 48 business hours of processing.  

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