Processing Stored Credit Card Transactions

If you have a customer's credit card stored within their profile, you can initiate sale and authorization transactions from Customer Vault. 

To charge a customer's stored card:

  1. From the navigation panel, click on “Customer Vault”.

  1. Typing your customer's name in the search field or manually search for them.

  1. Click on the customer record to open their profile.
  2. Under “Credit Card Information”, you'll see all available credit cards. Click on “New Transaction”, and you'll be taken to Web Terminal with their information automatically populated.

  1. Simply enter the amount for the sale and any other email addresses the customer may ask for.
  2. Click "Charge".
  3. The transaction will either be approved or declined.
  4. The transaction is now completed and will display under the customer's most recent transactions in their profile.
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