Refunding Transactions - Tablet POS

All refunds made on Tablet POS sales are made through the app itself.  If only a few items sold on a tab need to be refunded, you can choose to provide a partial refund.

Issuing a refund:  

  1. After logging into the app, tap on the small orange User in the upper left to access the menu options.  Tap on My Transactions.
  2. You can use the Search field, in the top left, to search for the original Transaction ID.  You can also scroll through the transactions to find the transaction you're after.  Tap on the transaction to view the details.
  3. You can refund the entire purchase by clicking on Full Refund, or you can tap next to each item to refund just that quantity as a partial refund.
  4. The receipt will be processed within My Transactions, and you will be shown the refund.  You can print or email a receipt, or tap on Original Transaction to return to the original sale.

You can view that refund in ‘My Transactions’ on Tablet POS or in the PayHQ platform.

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