Reasons for Delayed Deposits

An Inside Look At Funding Delays

Unusual Transactions cause funding delays. Unusual transactions are defined as any transaction that deviates from your typical processing volume. When we set up your account, a unique merchant profile was created for you using info you provided while signing up. Details such as your average transaction size and processing volumes are what we use to determine unusual transactions. As an example; if you typically accept less than $1000 per day, and then have a single transaction for more than $5000, Payfirma’s system will flag it for review.

Why does Payfirma flag?

We flag as a way to reduce fraud as well as ensuring no one is messing around with your account; we do it for security.

How do I know if I’m flagged?

Security checks are carried out by our processing banks, First Data and Chase Paymentech. You’ll be contacted by a friendly risk officer within two business days of processing the transaction for follow up. They’ll provide all details of the hold, including the review process as well as the next steps. If they can’t reach you, they’ll try the following day.

What’s the review process?

The review is simply to verify your transaction before delivering your funds. A typical review is confirming the transaction with yourself as well as your customer’s credit card company. You’ll speak briefly with a risk officer to discuss the transaction. Following your chat, the risk officer will contact your customer’s card company to verify the transaction. If further digging is required, the risk officer may ask you for a copy of the transaction’s invoice. Once the transaction has cleared the review process, expect to receive your funds within 24 to 48 hours.

How can I speed up the process?

Most delays are resolved within 7 days, but can extend if further consideration is necessary. One thing you can do to prepare yourself for an easy review is to provide detailed documents. When an invoice is asked for, make sure it clearly shows the following:

Your customer’s name
Their address
Their phone number

An invoice to Frank Underwood, Washington will take MUCH longer to verify than an invoice to Francis J. Underwood, 123 Main Street, Washington, DC 12345 – 1.800.222.3333.

Tips for preventing delays!

No.1 If you’re putting through an unusual transaction and know of it beforehand, give us a shout, we’ll do our best to hurry things along; sending us an invoice in advance can cut processing by up to 48 hours.

No.2 Before making the purchase, have your customer call their credit card company to inform them of the upcoming transaction.

No.3 If you’re planning on processing out of town, let us know. A jump in international card usage can be considered an unusual transaction. So if you’re headed to a trade show or plan on being out of town while selling, give us a heads up.

No.4 Make sure Payfirma has your most up to date info. When you submitted your application, you told us what your highest and lowest transaction sizes were. Keeping us in the loop on fluctuations in your processing volumes will help tremendously, especially as your business grows. Any changes to your account information and processing activity can be sent to


Funding delays are a pain, but being prepared can keep the delay to a minimum. If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be processing without ever having to worry about delays again.

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