Viewing Sales Reports on MobileHQ

After business hours, you may want a summary of your sales for the day or week. This helps you with reconciling sales made with different payment types. The sales report in PayHQ provides a breakdown by card type and includes any taxes or discounts applied. 

To view the Sales Summary report:

  1. Click on “Reporting” from the home screen of PayHQ. The sales summary for the current date will automatically load

  1. You can filter transactions using the left-side menu and click “Run Report”. You can filter by:
    • Report Type: choose from a sales summary or product sales.
    • Date: chose either the “Custom Range” filter or a preset date range (“yesterday”, “this week”, “last 7 days”, “this month”, “last 30 days”, “this year”, “last 12 months”, or “all time”).
    • Employee: choose any one particular employee's sales to view 


  1. To view more details, click on the row by payment type. Clicking on a date will allow you to see all transactions made on that date with the chosen card type. 

To export a sales summary report, head to My Transactions.

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