Closing and Settling Batches - VX810

At the end of each business day, you need to batch out the terminal to send to the bank so you can receive your funding. 

To settle and batch your transactions:

  1. Press the furthest key to the right in the row of purple keys.  This will take you to the Reports menu.
  2. Press the button next to Detail Report [F3].  The machine will print the report and return to the Reports menu.
  3. Press the red Cancel button to return to the Purchase / Refund / Settlement screen.
  4. Press the button next to Settlement [F4].  
  5. Enter the manager’s password. A slip will print with the total to be settled for the day.
  6. Enter the total on the slip into the terminal and press the green OK key.  This will prompt the machine to settle the batch and send it to the bank. The message “Settle Success” should appear.

NOTE: The Payfirma Support team can set up automatic settlement times for you, just give us a call at +1.800.747.6883.

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