Connecting A Printer - WiFi

If you're looking to print receipts through a printer connected to WiFi, the app will automatically pick up any printers connected to the router that is providing the Internet signal for your iPad, and display the IP when loading into Printer Settings, the app will automatically search out for printers on a network.

After everything has been loaded, your printer will display along with the model of the printer.

If there are multiple printers on the same network, all printers and their respective IPs will display.

During a sale or during review of previous transactions, selecting Print Receipt will automatically print the receipt.

If you are connected to multiple printers on WiFi, you will be offered the choice of which printer to produce the receipt.

Tap on your desired printer and the receipt will print out automatically.

NOTE: If a printer does not appear in the list, even after manually entering the confirmed IP of the printer, it is worth double-checking to ensure that the printer and the iPad are on the same network, as well as making sure that the printer used is compatible with Payfirma POS.


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