My Card Reader Isn't Working - Mobile

On rare occasion, your device may have difficulty recognizing your card reader, or a card being swiped.

After each step, you should check to see if your card reader is functioning again.

  1. Ensure that your volume settings are set to maximum.
  2. Remove the card reader and re-insert it into the audio jack.  You should hear a click when the reader is fully inserted.
  3. Return to the Home screen and restart your app with the card reader fully inserted. Any protective case that touches the reader should be removed.
  4. Shut down the app:
    • Shutting down apps on iOS: Double click the Home button while on your home screen, on iOS 7 and up, swipe upwards on the Payfirma Mobile app to close it. 
    • Shutting down apps on Android: Although the process can be drastically different, there is often an Application Manager from the device's Settings that will allow you to fully close the app.
    • After you've shut down the app, make sure that your card reader is inserted before reopening the app.
  1. Shut down the app before powering down and restarting the device.

If you have updated to iOS 7 and up, the Payfirma Mobile app needs to have access to the microphone in order to communicate with the card reader. If the card reader is not reading a credit card, try the following to ensure your microphone is enabled:


  1. Access your device’s Settings.

    2. Go to Privacy 
    3. Select Microphone
    4.Ensure the Payfirma toggle is green (ON)


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