Verifying a Transaction

If you want to double-check an accepted or declined transaction, there are two places you can check this information, regardless of where you’re accessing the information. You can go to “My Transactions” in PayHQ or you can use ClientLine (online reporting for the processing bank) to show transactions made after 24 hours. 

  1. Sign into PayHQ and select "My Transactions" from the navigation panel.

  1. Find your particular transaction by scrolling down your list of transactions or using the filters located on the top of the screen to narrow results.

  1. Approved transactions are shown in grey, while declined transactions are red. Refunded transactions are in brackets (). 

  1. Clicking on the transaction will provide additional details.
  1. Log into ClientLine. If you're not registered with ClientLine, learn how to register here
  2. Select the blue merchant login button and enter either your Visa or MasterCard user ID and password. Select “Applications” and choose “ClientLine Reporting” from the drop-down menu.

  1. Select “Sales” then “Credit Transactions”.

  1. Your hierarchy ID is your corporate merchant ID number (first 7 digits). Include any other information about the transaction like date range, amount, or card details.

  1. Approved transactions matching the information you previously entered will then be displayed.
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