Payfirma Mobile: Processing Credit Card Transactions

Ready to start accepting payments on your mobile device? 

Processing credit card payments:

  1. Open your Payfirma Mobile app on your phone or device, and login using the credentials emailed to you.
  2. Enter the total amount for the transaction, as well as a short description.  You can add even more sale details by tapping the + on Apple devices.
  3. Once your transaction is ready, you can use your credit card reader, or tap Next, and manually enter the credit card number, expiry date, and CVV (the security code on the back of most credit cards, and the front of American Express) before tapping Charge.

Your customer has the option to leave a tip before they provide their signature.  The transaction will be either Approved or Declined, and you can email them a customized receipt.

You’re done!  Tap on New Transaction to process your next sale.


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