Subscribing a Customer to a Plan

Once you have created a recurring billing plan, you’ll want to start adding customers to those plans. Whether they’re a new customer or an existing one, adding customers to a plan is super easy.

To subscribe customers to a recurring billing plan:  

  1. From the navigation panel, go to “Customer Vault”.

  1. Search for an existing customer by typing the search bar at the top of the screen or manually scrolling through the list.
  1. Once you've found your customer, click their name to access their profile. If the customer hasn't been added yet, click "Add Customer" to create a new profile.
  2. The customer will need to have a valid credit card saved on file in order to be subscribed to a plan. If they do not yet, save a card to their profile.
  3. Once a valid card is on file, click “Subscribe to Plan” in the subscriptions box. 

  1. Select one of your plans for the customer to subscribe to. The cost of the plan will automatically fill in the “Amount Per Month” field. This rate can be changed for limited time deals, offers, or pro-ration. You will need admin permission levels to change the amount of a recurring plan. 

  1. Set the start date of the plan. If you'd like to charge the customer the first payment immediately, leave the start date as the current day. 
  2. Click “Subscribe”, and the customer is now your newest subscriber.



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