A Deposit Is Missing

The best way to check your deposits is through the online reporting tool from First Data, ClientLine. Deposits are broken down to show gross sales, any fees or refunds deducted and the net deposit you'll see in your bank account.

To check your deposits: 

  1. Log into ClientLine. If you haven't registered with ClientLine, you can learn how to register here
  2. Select the blue “Merchant Login” button and enter either your Visa or MasterCard User ID and password.
  3. Select “Applications” and choose “ClientLine Reporting” from the drop-down menu.

  1. Select “Funding” then “Bank Deposits”.
  1. Enter your corporate merchant ID number (first 7 digits) as well as the dates of the deposits you are looking for (generally 2 business days after the transaction date).

  1. Links shown in blue allow you to view more information about the date or transaction you are clicking on. This can assist in locating transactions included within a deposit. 

While most deposits will reach your bank account within 48 business hours, funds can still be delayed. For more information, check out how to avoid funding delays

In the event that you're still unable to find your deposit, email Payfirma Support with the following information, and we will work as quickly as possible to find it:

  • Business Name
  • Date of transaction
  • Amount
  • Card type 
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