Adding Customer Information

Sometimes you may need to add more information to a transaction to track invoice payments, customer contact info or Order IDs. If you collect this information on your iOS Payfirma Mobile app, it's stored in the transaction record, and in the customer vault for future reference. 

To add additional information for a transaction;

  • Open Payfirma Mobile App on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the + sign next to the description field. 
  1. Enter any information about the transaction you'd like to include. 
  2. Tap Save on the top right to return to the transaction. 
  3. Complete transaction. 

That's it! All of the information included in the fields will be associated with that transaction, and available in My Transactions online and in the mobile app. 

Android users are currently able to use the Description field to include details about the transaction such as Customer name and invoice. 

For example, if invoice #123 was paid by Tom Cruise enter the following in the description field: 

All of this information is searchable in the My Transactions section of PayHQ online.

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